GAIA – Eternal Light Healing system

Eternal Light


GAIA ~ The Earth Element Healing Ray

The foundation for Eternal Light energies and the basis for working with all of the other Rays. Eternal Light has evolved from many different aspects of Reiki and from direct guidance through Shimara from the Planetary Logos, SANAT KUMARA and Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood who together with the Angelic Realms work with each of the sacred planetary Divine Healing Rays. These beautiful energies are given through a unique attunement process. This then enables the highest, finest frequencies of the Eternal Light Healing Rays to come through the hands of the recipient for healing self and others.


This initiation opens up the higher chakras so that one becomes a pure channel for the highest Eternal Light healing energies. These frequencies then come through the hands to give healing to oneself and others. The energy is experienced as a warm glow, heat or tingling sensations in the hands. You will then be taught how to give the healing energy to others, fully clothed and laying relaxed on a couch. You will learn how to sense blockages in the subtle bodies, chakras and physical body – and will be given plenty of practise time. Each person will receive a healing session and also taught a self-healing process and meditation to help heal any physical, emotional or mental problems. You do not need any prior qualification or knowledge to learn GAIA, just the genuine desire to heal self/others. GAIA energy is so pure and so simple to give, you may even use this wonderful healing energy on animals and children. EACH GAIA/RAY ATTUNEMENT helps you to let go of old patterns, balance emotions, find more inner peace and heal the true cause of illness & disease, raising you to a higher vibrational frequency. This facilitates a raising of consciousness to higher levels of spirituality and awareness of our true self, which is Divine Love.


If you wish to further increase your healing potential, bring through more healing energy and learn a powerful distant healing process then you may take this initiation and workshop. You will be taught healing symbols and many different ways to use them. You can then send healing energy to anyone, regardless of their location, or use the symbols to speed up the healing process for self and others. All participants will have the opportunity to experience the energy of each symbol in powerful Eternal Light group healing sessions. Other healing Rays have been given back to Shimara by The Ascended Masters, under the guidance of Sanat Kumara, overseer of all the Divine Rays coming to the planet at this time. Some of these energies are unique on the earth plane, and all have gentle but powerful abilities to transform. To experience the full powers of the Eternal Light Frequencies, you may go on to take any of the other Ray Attunements at any time after completing GAIA Advanced, you will then be at the right vibrational frequency to work with them. The other Eternal Light Rays will also come through the hands/chakra for personal healing or for giving or sending distantly to.

Shimara Kumara has the ability to initiate others into divine healing rays, of wich Lenitha has been taking parts and helping to anchor since her first initiation with Shimara at 1996.


GAIA Is the Divine Healing Energy for Mother Earth, and works through all the dimensions. GAIA is the foundation upon which all the other Rays are grounded.
MERCURY Is the Air-Ether Ray, healing the throat and brow chakras, helping you communicate more clearly. This also brings attunement to the Angelic Realms.
SUN Is the Fire Ray Attunement. This energy helps clear and transmute stubborn blockages. Particularly good for clearing miasms and resistance to change.
MOON Is the Ray of the Element Water, working on the emotions, emotional body, clearing and balancing.

CHIRON The ‘wounded healer’. Works directly on our weakest parts to heal and strengthen them. Helps release our deepest wounds and fears for transformation.
MARS This Ray works particularly well at a physical level, giving more energy. Working primarily on the heart and base chakra.
NEPTUNE Helps balance and ground our dreamlike states, bringing our visions into positive creation. Helps develop intuition. Transmutes subconscious patterns.
PLUTO A powerful Ray of Transformation. The anti-radiation Ray. Gives protection from computers, X-ray, microwave energies, or a radiation polluted environment.
SATURN A powerful energy for Karmic Healing of individuals, buildings, Mother Earth, etc. Works at a cellular level for deep transformation.
SIRIUS Healing Ray from the Star Sirius, and the Dolphin consciousness. Works on freeing the creative, joyful force within us, helps clear the sacral and throat chakras.
URANUS This Healing Ray helps us to move forward and more easily adapt to changes in life. Works on all levels especially the solar plexus chakra. Transmutes anxiety.
VENUS To open the Heart Chakra and develop Unconditional Love. A beautiful Ray of energy, seen clairvoyantly as Rose Pink, or Amethyst.
JUPITER The Sacred Ray of Expansion. This Ray is taken after completion of all the other planetary energies. Expands consciousness to allow new opportunities for the development of our spiritual path, for our highest divine good and fulfilment.
STERILYON The Ray of Divine Peace. Helps us find peace in our own hearts which can then emanate to all around us. This will help create peace for all humanity.
ANTARES The Ray of Divine Truth. Helps us to express our truth from the heart.